I don’t want to dance


Ah! And this is the reality of why you are not dancing!

It’s not that you don’t have coordination. It’s not that you have no rhythm. (though, this there may be challenges in those areas.) It comes down to: fear.

You feel like you have no coordination, therefore, you are afraid of the frustration of trying to move in new coordinated ways.

You feel like you have no rhythm, therefore, you are afraid of not being able to keep up with a partner.

You feel like you can’t dance, therefore, you don’t want anyone to see that you can’t dance.

You make a choice. You have some fears based loosely on some reality of your capabilities. The fear is strong, but your capabilities are unknown, even to you. I sense that it all boils down to this: you don’t want others to see you as you stumble through learning to dance.

Am I right?

Honestly, do you really feel like you have no rhythm and cannot develop rhythm? Or are you afraid others will see you trying to develop rhythm? Do you really have no coordination? Are you really unable to dance? Or are you afraid others will see you as you develop coordination to dance?

I don’t know what you are thinking. I don’t know what your answers are to these questions. And no one else does. So you can be honest with your self, this once. ;-) Are you afraid to dance?

I hope your answer is “yes”. Because I strongly believe that you can develop all the skills and talents necessary to dance. I strongly believe that the only thing that is holding you back is fear.

For you to overcome this fear will bring great rewards. One reward will be: you will learn how to dance. But a much greater reward will be: you will learn how to overcome your own personal fears. How much you will benefit from this triumph.

If you decide you want to overcome this fear, you will succeed! It is your nature to be successful. You have been given all you need to overcome all your personal struggles. You may not become Lindy Hop champion of the world, but you can become Lindy Hop champion of your mind!

I challenge you to make this step… to overcome this fear. I’ll help you. Go to my website to get my email or telephone. Contact me. I’ll help you get started.

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