Dancephobia – Fear of dancing


Usually accompanied with a feeling that one has no rhythm or coordination. Sometimes accompanied with a well hidden social anxiety.

If you feel this describes you, prostate the treatment is to invite a friend to take dance lessons with you. In severe cases you’ll need to start with private lessons. In the most severe cases you’ll need to meet with the instructor outside of a dancing environment, first.

If this describes a friend of yours, the treatment is a bit tricky. In fact, tricking your friend to come out for a drink or bit to eat at a local swing dance joint may be just the thing to do. Sitting on the side and watching is a good way to get used to the idea of dancing.

Warning: don’t force yourself or someone else to dance before they’re ready. This may make the dancephobia stronger.

It’s a good idea to be around dancing and/or dancers without the pressure to actually have to dance.

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