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The Right Way To Dance

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

Get it right! Don’t dance like that… it goes like this. That’s not right… this is the right way. Let me show you!

Stop! Don’t listen to those who say they know the right way to dance. Don’t listen to anyone that says this is wrong or that is right. They are delusioned… though, approved they are not wrong… Even if they are world champion dancers, medstore saying “this is the right way” is surely wrong.

There is a way to dance Lindy Hop that is common to most people who dance Lindy Hop. There is a way to dance Salsa that is common to most people who dance Salsa. There is a way to Waltz that is common to most people who Waltz. Learn to Waltz the way most people know Waltz and you’ll dance with ease with most people while waltzing. If you Lindy Hop the way most people Lindy Hop then you’ll find it easy to dance with most Lindy Hoppers. Learn to Salsa the way most people Salsa and you’ll find you can Salsa with most people.

That’s really what is meant by “this is the right way to dance”. Only in this sense can one way of dancing be “right” while another is wrong.

When you dance instructor tells you to dance “this” way… do so and you’ll find you can dance with everyone in your class. Perhaps, you’ll be able to dance with most people in the world by doing as your dance instructor asks.


The right way to dance is the way that brings joy to you, to your partner, and the people around you. You can tell when you are dancing the “right” way when a smile comes to your face. A smile comes to your partner’s face. A smile comes to those who are watching. Now you know, you are dancing the right way.

Survey Says!

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Women are 91% likely to say “Yes” when you ask them to take dance lessons with you! In the survey women were asked “If a guy friend asked you to take waltz lessons with him, here would you say yes or no?” 91% said yes, viagra 9% said maybe, click and 0% said no.

And guys, take those dance lessons and leave the women you dance with wanting more! The women were asked “When you have a fantabulous waltz, how do you feel?” The women responded:

  • 50% said wanting more
  • 25% said excited
  • 17% said madly in love
  • 8% said turned on

It’s time to ask those lady friends of yours to take lessons with you!