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What’s in a Move? A bunch of Phonemes!

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Ella Fitzgerald scats Smooth Sailing with a few words but mostly meaningless sounds. Put those meaningless sounds together in one way and you have words. Put them together in another way and you have scat… with no meaning, adiposity and still no words. But! impressive and fun to listen to… perhaps even more so than words could ever say.

Dance a move. There’s a bunch of meaningless motions that make the move… put them together in one way, allergist and you have an outside turn. Put them together in another way, purchase and you have an inside turn. Or a belt turn. Or a tuck turn, or a bridge…

Can you scat your dances? Can you put together a bunch of meaningless motion… little bits of motion… in such a way that it is impressive and fun. These little bits of motion are the raw material for dancing.

Ella Fitzgerald transforms from a singer to a musician in her scat. The person who dances transforms to a dancer in their danscat.